the addiction.

dsc01672My addiction to cars probably most likely spawns from my dad. When I was about 4-5 years old I remember going on test drives with my dad. The only memory I can vividly recall was when he owned a white Porsche 911. I remember going for a test drive with him and we got stuck. We had to push start it to get it going but we made it somehow. I wish he kept that car but he liked tinkering with different cars and at the time we lived in Cali and he had military orders to move to Hawaii so it had to go.dsc00425

Fast forward to me at 11-12. My dad picked up a first gen rx7 from his co-worker. It was a black car, had a ton of rust, didn’t run too great and needed a tune up. But it did have a streetported 12a and a lot of nice cool mods. My dad said that this would be my first car. I didn’t think much of it and being so young not really understanding the concept of money and being more interested in video games I just blew it off. Sure it was cool but it didn’t capture my attention.

It wasn’t til the following winter during Christmas when my dad purchased a second first gen white rx7 shell that was much cleaner for like 900 bucks to swap the engine and components over. It still ran but had a lot more miles and knowing rotary engines it was probably on its last leg before blowing an apex seal.

That Christmas my uncle came over to visit for vacation and my dad had the grand idea to swap the engine from the black car over to the white car. Maybe this was intentional to make me learn how to wrench on cars. I was always a tinkerer but never did really work on cars except for being a tool grabber or doing really small things.img_1814-1

Once we got the engine out and swapped it over I was pretty intrigued and ever since then I was working on the car. Even if I didn’t have a drivers license there was something about working on it that gave me purpose other then just sitting inside playing video games all the time.
Once I got to high school I started getting involved more with the car scene going on local forums and on and started posting and becoming involved with the community. I got my license at 16 and started driving and modifying that rx7. I did everything from full suspension swap with drop springs and tokico shocks and sway bars to swapping out fuel pumps and oil changes, etc. I spent many hours on the internet researching everything and anything about the car. It was pretty cool to be involved with a community who was so supportive regardless of my age and looked like I was 12. I loved every part of it and how the older guys always gave me so much inspiration to keep working and one day I’ll have my dream car a FD3S.

Ever since then I still find myself still so involved in cars and its a big part of my life.


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